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10 Underrated Spots For Los Angeles Bike Share Stations

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After a private effort failed, Metro began making plans for its own regional bike share system. The project's first phase will put stations in Downtown, University Park, Pasadena, Long Beach, and Santa Monica in 2016. The agency recently asked the public for location suggestions and got 515 answers, according to The Source; the most-popular list covers the usual suspects: Union Station, Pershing Square, Grand Central Market, Downtown Santa Monica Expo station, etc. While all are good ideas, but we have some less usual suspects we'd like to add:

Montana Avenue
Everyone loves this bougie stretch of the Westside, but it's hell to get to; even bus service is limited. A bike share station here would open up the area immensely.

Santa Monica Boulevard and Centinela Avenue
The eastern edge of Santa Monica is quite a ways from the beach. A bike share here would offer easy access to Wilshire and Montana Avenues to the north and Olympic, Pico, and the Bergamot Expo station to the south.

DTLA Financial District
If you are trying to get here from South Park or the Arts District in a suit or skirt, walking is a bitch. A bike would be a little less sweaty.

This area is a major schlep from most other parts of DTLA and a bike ride is usually quicker than hopping on the Gold Line (and transferring to the subway) or the DASH.

Historic Core
The thousands who call Spring and Main home could benefit from a bike ride to the Financial District, with all its stores and supermarkets. Throw a station in one of the many parking lots on Spring.

Grand and Eighth
Call this the grocery store stop: it's close to Ralphs, Smart & Final, and across the street from a forthcoming Whole Foods. There's a parking lot at the northwest corner that's perfect.

Second Street on Belmont Shore
This charming stretch of Long Beach comes with a bike lane—perfect fit.

Blue Line San Pedro station
Since the bike share's first phase in LA is limited to DTLA and the USC area, this station would provide access to the edge of South LA and historic Central Avenue.

Gold Line Memorial Park station
This is a central access point to Old Town Pasadena, and easily bikeable to the Playhouse district and other 'Dena attractions.

Rose Bowl
It sucks that the Gold Line doesn't quite reach the Rose Bowl, but a bike station could help bridge the gap, not just during games, but when the insanely popular flea market or when other events hit too.
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