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Visualizing Los Angeles's Crappiest and Best Streets

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On the heels of an audit that broke down just how much of a mess LA's streets on a city-wide scale, a tipster drew our attention to this map from the Bureau of Street Services. The goal of the BSS is to have all streets holding steady at a B average, but their own overviews say that overall, it's more like a C-minus, says the Daily News in their write-up of the report. That seems easily true after a glance at the map, which allows users to click on street sections to see their conditions (mostly not great) and also has an option to see where resurfacing has been recently completed or is on the way (not enough places).

Unfortunately, that last feature seems to confirm, as the audit found, the BSS "does a poor job in prioritizing which roads to repair by not looking at passenger traffic volume, heavy vehicle loads and the prevalence of mass transit."

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