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Mid-Century Ranch Built For "Silversmith to the Stars" in Studio City Asking $2.5MM

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The listing for this rather lovely 1951 ranch in Studio City informs us that it was built for Allan Adler, who was known as the "Silversmith to the Stars." So, just in case anyone's been laboring under the illusion that the stars don't have their very own silversmith, consider yourself disabused. Per Adler's 2002 LA Times obituary, "he was commissioned to design mini-Oscars for Academy Award winners and crowns for Miss Universe and Miss U.S.A. as well as silver bowls, candlesticks and goblets for his celebrity clients," who ranged from Errol Flynn to Michael Jackson.

Adler's obit also contains this fascinating tidbit: "During World War II, Adler won a government contract to produce silver tubing for radar equipment, which gave him immunity from the draft and provided him with a voucher to buy silver, which was being rationed at the time. A large man with arms strong from hammering silver, Adler was not destined to serve in the military. When his government contract ended near the end of the war, he was inducted into the Army, but was soon discharged because of allergies to onions and garlic."

Moving on to the house, which is located on Oakdell Road in Fryman Estates. A four-bedroom, three-and-a half-bathroom home, it looks to have been extensively updated. Features include an open plan, beamed ceilings, sliding glass doors, and a gas fireplace, but its strongest selling points are the outdoor areas. The .66-acre property is encircled by mature oaks and contains a grassy backyard, a swimming pool with basketball hoop, a spa, a gazebo, fire-pit, a built-in BBQ, and a koi pond. Last sold in 2007 for $2.21 million, it's now asking $2.525 million.

· 3263 Oakdell Road [Estately]