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Take a Stroll Through the Biggest House in LA County

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UPDATE: Photos have been redacted. Happy reading.

It's finally complete: the enormous Chateau des Fleurs, a 60,000-square-foot estate plopped onto three acres in Bel Air that appears to be the biggest single-family home in the county for now. These sharp interior shots, coming to us by way of our friends at Curbed National, show off the chandeliers and crown molding that give the Chateau its extremely palatial feel, but not the three elevators, parking garage and "paddle tennis court pavilion" it was reported to have.

The photos, taken as promo shots for the mansion's architect, William Hefner, appeared on the blog of photographer James Ray Spahn, who specializes in architectural shots and interiors. He writes that he hoped to use the photos to create a "before and after theme for a coffee table book, showing the rooms with natural light and the stillness of the spaces before each is dynamically changed when furnishings are installed." There was no word on when someone will actually be occupying the 40,000 square feet that are reportedly living space. (Yes, it is a little cheat-y to count total square feet instead of actual living space.)

The title of "LA County's Biggest House" might only be associated with the Chateau until another Bel Air home--a 70,000-square-foot house by Nile Niami--is finished, but who knows when that will be. Until then, it still beats out other monster mansions like Mohamed Hadid's most recent (just 48,000 square feet) and Petra Ecclestone's Manor, which comes in at 56,500 and is up for sale.
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