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This Is What $749k Buys You in Silver Lake Right Now

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A pissed reader who lives near this listing sent it to us with the subject headline "F These Guys!", outraged because the current owners "are trying to turn over this house without touching it AND asking $225k over what they bought it for 6 months ago." We don't blame the owners for giving up on this thing, but the best (or perhaps most upsetting) part of the new listing—which asks $749,000, by the way—is it throws it in your face that Silver Lake is only going to get more expensive and further gentrified, positioning this tumbledown house as quite the steal.

"Opportunity Knocks for this tear-down or major fixer view property on one of the best streets in Silver Lake! Most recent sale on the street? $1.4M a few doors down." Way to rub it in, guys. By the way, they're looking for $749,000 in cash only.

We took a look at photos from when the 956-square-foot house sold in February for $525,000, and they might as well be the same photos as are featured in the new listing: the paint's still peeling everywhere, that same rusted-out barbecue on the back porch, and neither listing's brave enough to show what the inside looks like; supposedly, there are two bedrooms and a bathroom somewhere in there.

Now, to see what it sells for. Will it be a repeat of the now-infamous Silicon Beach shack that sold for waaaaay too much ($1.44 million), or is there a massive pricechop in the future for this ramshackle little house? The waiting begins.

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