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Roy Choi's Latest in Ktown, Little Osaka Goes Sweet, Hottest Restaurants Now

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KOREATOWN: Eater has some beautiful pics of Commissary, Roy Choi's newest restaurant at The Line. Located inside a huge greenhouse on the rooftop deck of the pool, Commissary is a vegetarian's-delight, with grilled corn, asparagus, and lots of salads. Opening soon.

LITTLE OSAKA: Sawtelle has enough ramen places to choke a horse, so a dessert bar is a good call. B Sweet, with cupcakes-in-a-jar, "slutty" brownies, and donut ice cream sandwiches, opens Saturday.

ALL OVER: Eater updated its list of the 25 hottest restaurants in the city right now, adding eateries like Petit Trois and Field Trip in Hollywood and HYDE Sunset in WeHo.
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