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Demolition Begins on El Sereno's Soto Street Bridge

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Bridges are coming down left and right in the east--the Riverside-Figueroa Bridge is being taken apart as we speak, and next one to fall is the Soto Street Bridge in El Sereno, says a release from Councilman Jose Huizar and the Bureau of Engineering. The project is getting underway today with what a rep for Huizar calls "the beginning stages of demo work" on the former railway bridge, and will result in the creation of two new intersections with traffic signals, as well as community green space.

The bridge—located where Soto, Mission Road, and Huntington Drive all meet—was converted from rail use to a car-accessible bridge in the Sixties, but was done in a way that created "dangerous blind crossings," so they're taking it out. The post-bridge site will have two new "frontage roads" that dead-end at a tree-filled park-space. that will also incorporate walker-friendly green space. The outside lanes near the project will be created with shoulders in anticipation of future bike lanes. The exterior lanes will be striped with shoulder with the necessary width for future bike lanes. Some minor design elements are still being tweaked, but the completed bridge is expected be be open sometime in 2017.
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