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Where LA County's Priciest Homes Are Getting Pricier

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If you were to guess the top ten most expensive neighborhoods in LA County, you could probably get half the names on this latest ZipRealty list correct. But what's interesting about the list, which shows the county's priciest zip codes according to median sales price, is which neighborhoods are seeing a rise in year-over-year prices—sometimes as much as 55 percent!—and which ones are seeing less-than average gains or even decreases.

Compare the median home price across the board in LA County, which went up 6 percent year-over-year to $459,000 at the close of June, with Santa Monica's 90402 zip code which had a median sales price in June 2014 of $3.7 million, and also saw year-over-year gains of 15 percent. Or don't. Maybe it's better that way.

That "Greater Wilshire" zip code 90004 covers, generally, Melrose south to Third Street between Highland Avenue and Hoover Street, making it a mixed bag that gets parts of Hancock Park, Koreatown, Windsor Square, and Larchmont all smushed in together. That seems to be an winning combination, because their home price has seen a 55 percent increase.
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