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Rain Closes LA River Rec Areas, Summons Mud People

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The wacky weather continued over the weekend, creating some jaw-dropping sunsets and bringing a bit of needed rain to LA. But rain means runoff, and runoff means the LA River is temporarily gross. The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority closed the LA River rec areas at Elysian Park and the Sepulveda Basin after spotting "stormwater discharge" in the waterway yesterday, says KCET. In much the same way that the nastiness at beaches is heightened in wet weather, stormwater runoff can increase levels of bacteria in the water flowing into the river, potentially making people sick.

The closures are just temporary, and the two areas should re-open on Thursday, unless it rains again, which might push back a reopening. Guess no one told the "urban primitives" known as the Mud People that there was increased bacteria in the water.

Members of the 40-plus-person roving group were spotted frolicking in the LA River yesterday, looking like something out of your childhood nightmares. (They've appeared in the river before.) The MCRA didn't find anything gross in the river until last night, but still, we hope the Mud People thoroughly showered off afterward.
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