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Locals Beg City to Take Action on Degraded Barnsdall Park

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Upkeep at Los Feliz's Barnsdall Art Park has never been easy, but lately it's sliding into wretched territory, according to the Los Feliz Ledger. Many locals say trash, graffiti, and homeless encampments have exploded at the hilltop space, home to Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House, a national historic landmark that was just restored a few years ago. Thanks to limited resources that only pay for one full-time, unarmed security guard, the house on the grounds designed by Rudolph Schindler was recently vandalized.

Many are calling for something to be done, but the tangle of bureaucracy that runs the park—four agencies—makes passing the buck easy. Councilman Mitch O'Farrell says he's looking at ways to assist the homeless who've recently set up in the park, possibly a result of the gentrification-wave sweeping Hollywood and Downtown.

City Council candidate Tomas O'Grady wants more immediate action, like erecting fencing that will prevent people from accessing the park at night. Meanwhile, local organizations are also volunteering to clean up the beloved spot while the city figures out what it's going to do, if anything. [Children's pool via Metro Day Pass]
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