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LA-Based Architects Bring Parklet South of the Border

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With the money and tourists flowing south into Mexico, it's not surprising that some of our ideas are going south, too. In this case, Los Angeles architecture and design team RHOM Design has teamed with Oficina de Proyectos Culturales, a Puerto Vallarta non-profit, to install the city's first -- and Mexico's third -- parklet. According to architect Oscar Moran, the parklet is designed to last three months, and at a cost of less than $1,300 to build and install using OSB chip panels, the temporary aspect of the installation is pretty self-evident. The installation was part of the non-profit's exhibit "Paradise in Process" organized by artist David Birks, which is looking at the rapid urbanization of Puerto Vallarta, primarily fueled by tourist dollars and Americans buying up property in the coastal city.
From the architects: "Initially people did not know what it was and there were a few sotires on the local press criticizing it. People in the neighborhood however have embraced it. It is located across the street from an elementary school. Kids from the school and their mothers use the parklet a lot. During the evenings it is a mix of teenagers and senior citizens that hang out there and see the sunset. Twice it has been hit by reckless cars trying to force-park in a small area not adequate to park next to the parklet. On both instances neighbors have reported the incident (there are eyes on the street watching it) and the parklet has been repaired by us."
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