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Luxury Condos Will Just Never Please Windsor Village NIMBYs

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Sixty Windsor Village residents stormed City Hall on Tuesday to appeal the approval of a 32-unit condo/apartment conversion on Lucerne Boulevard. They lost, reports Larchmont Buzz. The Central Planning Commission approved the development, called Morumbila, rejecting the claims that it conflicted with the guidelines of the Windsor Village Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. The architect Peter Wilson, also representing the developer, sounded exasperated over what he claims were repeated attempts to placate the neighborhood, most notably by shrinking the project.

At the meeting this week, Wilson showed off the various iterations the design went through (the Spanish Colonial look was switched to Streamline Moderne and the taller part of the building was moved to the back); the redesign of the adjacent James Terrace Apartments, which is incorporated into the project; and more green space.

Unsurprisingly, locals say they wil not give up their fight against the project. Meanwhile, LA's supersized NIMBYism and its effects on housing prices are now making international news.
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