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See the World's Tallest Rubber Duck All Deflated and Sad

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This looks bad, but the deflation is only temporary and it's for the duck's own protection from high winds. They've let the air out of what's known as the World's Tallest Rubber Duck because the six-story novelty item had begun listing to one side recently, says CBS LA. The winds got the blame, though the fan that keeps the duck inflated also needs to be repaired. The duck will be back on Tuesday in a different location, at the Downtown Harbor in San Pedro; the popular selfie background moved into the Port of LA earlier this month for Tall Ships Week—a festival to celebrate large, old-timey sailing vessels. Ironically, the duck "has been described as having healing properties." Not this time, it seems.

· 'World's Largest Rubber Duck' Deflated To Prevent Damage [CBS LA]