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9 Vintage Los Angeles Postcards and the Same Views Today

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1910s postcard of Venice Beach at Pacific Avenue and Windward

Los Angeles used to be a fun, colorful place full of joy and wonder but today it's a drab wasteland full of overpriced stores and very few miniature railways. Tooootally kidding, but these comparisons between vintage postcards of LA and the same scenes today are a little bit of a bummer—slide to see Venice get less whimsical or the Beverly Hills Brown Derby make way for Louis Vuitton. All the images come from the ScenePast: Americana Road Trip app, which is full of just these kinds of restored old postcards and their modern-day equivalents (the ScenePast people last brought us before-and-afters of famous LA filming locations). Enjoy/lament!

↑ 1940s postcard of the Brown Derby Beverly Hills at 9537 Wilshire Boulevard

↑ 1940s postcard of the Grauman's Chinese Theatre (now the TCL Chinese Theatre) at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard

↑ 1960s postcard of the Century Plaza Hotel at 2025 Avenue of the Stars in Century City; it's set to get a big makeover

↑ 1960s postcard of the Far East Terrace Restaurant at 4223 Lankershim in North Hollywood

↑ 1960s postcard of the Hollywood Palladium at 6215 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood; it was renovated and the facade was restored in 2008

↑ 1960s postcard of the Beverly Hills Holiday Inn at 9360 Wilshire; it's now the SIXTY Beverly Hills hotel

↑ 1960s postcard of Disneyland's Tomorrowland

↑ 1960s postcard of It's a Small World at Disneyland
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