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Here's the New State Parks Cabin Designed to Attract Millenials

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California is hoping to attract more youngsters to its state parks, so it asked a bunch of architecture students to design cooler cabins for camping. This snappy-looking little cabin, called The Wedge, is just one of the designs to come out of Juintow Lin's architecture studio at Cal Poly Pomona this spring. The class worked to design structures that would "help revamp California's 280 state parks so a wider array of people, especially millennials, would attend," a rep for the school's College of Environmental Design tells Curbed in an email. Spurred by the Parks Forward Commission (an independent panel concerned with protecting the future of state parks), the students aimed to create a cabin that would be "inventive, low-cost, [and] eco-friendly," while still being design-y and appealing.

Cal Poly students came up with more than 10 different designs, including the adorable The Wedge, which will be on display at the LA County Fair. The wood-and-glass cabin measures 156 square feet and can fit one full and two twin beds. It's also got its own porch and a pointy roof—recalling a tent whether it means to or not. Sure, it doesn't have any electricity or running water, but you're not moving in, you're camping.

Some of the students' work will be in state parks next year, though it's not clear which ones or how many of the designs will be featured.

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