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LA's Very Dangerous Roads Are Getting Even More Dangerous

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In Los Angeles, we know the traffic's bad, but if not for a new report out from insurance company Allstate, we might have forgotten that, despite being completely congested, our freeways and roads are also pretty dangerous. Allstate has released its tenth annual overview (and companion interactive map) of driver safety in the US's 200 biggest cities, ranking them from best to worst in terms of car collision frequency and factoring in rain and snow, city density, and population. Los Angeles dropped seven slots in the ranking in 2014, all the way down to 188. Out of 200.

This is Los Angeles's lowest ranking in the 10 years Allstate's been keeping track. (The city did rank 185 in 2007.) While the average national driver will have 10 years between collisions, LA drivers have just 6.5 years. In number-one-ranked Fort Collins, CO, drivers average 14.2 years between car crashes. This probably has something to do with why Angelenos pay such high rates for car insurance ...
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