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Ridiculously Tiny Shack in Los Feliz Trying to Rent For $950

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Peeking shyly out from behind the curtain on Craigslist today is an itty-bitty guest house now being offered for rent in Los Feliz. As the ad notes at the top, "THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY," so adjust your expectations accordingly, 'k? Here we go: "It measures approximately 180 square feet inside. It's good for someone who is single and doesn't need a kitchen. The nice part is I built the patio and patio cover giving you an extra 150 feet outdoors. It's a nice outdoor office if you will."

The listing goes on (and on):
"Cable TV & Internet provided. No water bill. No electricity bill. All 4 utilities are PAID FOR.
The complex is at the foot of the Franklin Hills. Just a 5 minute drive from the NEW W Hotel that was just built in Hollywood...NEAR KODAK THEATER!

HILHURST & VERMONT have proven to be the latest happening Chic/Area with many new shops/restaurants/etc CONSTANTLY sprouting up and're a walk away! There's something happening every night! There are Power Yoga practice spots in the region within walking distance.

If you enjoy being able to walk to dinner, the movie theaters or to have a cup of coffee you'll love the location because it is: CONVENENTLY located within walking distance to Starbucks & Car Wash (have a cup while waiting for your car to get cleaned).

NEAR: Trader Joe's/Gelson's & other major Grocery Stores, Banks, Post Office, Farmers Market (on Sunset Blvd on Weekends), Theaters, Dining, Library, Book Stores, and MORE...there's a popular eatery called THE ALCOVE'll love it here!

I've also installed a $600 WATER PURIFIER to provide CLEAN water for drinking so if you spend good money buying water bottles, those days are gone, your water will be above bottle quality with this unit...AT NO CHARGE.

ATTRACTIVE INTERIOR: Surround Sound wiring pre-installed in unit/including Cable Television/Internet hookup.
The Living Area and Bathroom are equipped with ATTRACTIVE TILE FLOORS which are EASY TO CLEAN. Everything about this is GREAT except that the guest house is SMALL and parking is on the street but fairly easy to find."

Finally, in case anyone's wondering: "No furniture seen here are included, but some items are for sale if you would like to keep them for the move in." How much to make this miniscule jewel your home-sweet-home? Oh, just $950/month.

· $950 / 180ft² - Small Guest House for Rent (Los Feliz/Franklin Hills) [Craigslist]