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2 Drone Videos Capture Hurricane Marie Malibu Surf Madness

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This Hurricane Marie that's off the coast right now is bringing flooding to SoCal beach towns and has resulted in more than 100 rescues in the last 24 hours at LA's beaches, but the towering waves it's delivered also means that surf's up. These two videos, captured by drones, show the intense surf conditions near Malibu's Surfrider Beach, as well as the crazy people who love intense surf conditions. The first video is is not just any ordinary view of the surfers and the sea; it reportedly shows renowned surfer Laird Hamilton "shooting the pier"—as in, surfing right through the maze of wooden masts that form the pier's base. WITHOUT DYING. (Another non-drone view of yesterday's feat is here.) No word on whether this footage was shot before or after he helped to rescue a fellow surfer yesterday.

What the second video lacks in stunts, it makes up for with intimate shots, getting in closer than a lot of the other footage that's popping up today. The camera captures several different angles of the surfers, the waves, and the spectators on the beach that collectively give viewers a good idea of just how many people called in sick to be at the beach.

The LA Times shares a couple more videos from Orange and San Diego counties, too. And see Malibu on a calmer day right here.

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