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Take a Tour Through Ktown's New The Vermont Rental Towers

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Koreatown's The Vermont is big, it's expensive, and it's called itself the "largest residential project under construction since the recession began in 2008." If the idea is to make a splash, to shout, "Ktown is coming up!" then it's working. From the $1.55-million lotus sculpture in front of the complex to the wild views from the pool deck, the two-tower development seems to be kind of a standout. Developed by JH Snyder, The Vermont recently sold to Capri Capital Partners and TruAmerica Multifamily in "what's believed to be 2014's largest multifamily/mixed-use deal" in the state, according to Bisnow. We took a tour through the complex at the corner of Wilshire and Vermont and we've got the photos to prove it.

The Vermont, which officially opened on May 1, is now 27 percent occupied with another 29 percent of its 464 units already leased, says assistant property manager Bonnie Trimble. Who do they picture as tenants? Trimble says "Everyone."

And indeed, what could be more universally appealing than oodles of amenities? A seventh-floor outdoor area has a pool, pet run, and fire pit, as well as a gym and two communally-available rooms (one conference-y and the other more party-oriented with a pool table and bar area).

The majority of the units in both towers—which rise 30 and 24 stories, respectively—are one-bedrooms, but each tower also features a small portion of "flex" units with a short, moveable screen to allow residents to semi-transform a regular old one-room apartment (although they don't exactly hide that it's your bedroom back there). There are plenty of two-bedroom units as well. The units we saw ranged from 600 to 1000 square feet. *Both towers have penthouses (in case you were interested), but we didn't tour them. There are a total of 200 units in the east tower, and 264 units in the taller west tower.

All the units we toured were on the eighteenth floor of the east tower, so naturally they had pretty impressive views, but all the units have large windows, allowing for lots of natural light. They all come with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, and the whole project is pet-friendly, with Trimble estimating that "about 50 percent" of the residents have pets. We'll have all the information on rent prices later this week.

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The Vermont

3150 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010