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10 Photos Inside Irwindale's Notoriously Secret Sriracha Plant

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Things weren't looking so great for beloved Sriracha hot sauce late last year, when neighbors around its new Irwindale plant started complaining that production of the addictive, spicy sauce was poisoning the air and causing everything from headaches to heartburn. Thankfully, the problem was resolved, a potential Sriracha shortage was avoided, and chili processing was allowed to carry on, but the owner of Sriracha-producing Huy Fong Foods still wanted to show that the whole process was safe. So even though he's famously secretive, he opened the doors of his plant to excited visitors this past weekend (there are more tours coming up). After a walk through the chili-crushing and bottling areas, visitors hit the gift shop, where they browsed Sriracha merch and sauce in special bottles. We've gathered the best shots of the process and the souvenirs (Sriracha bowties!) right here:

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