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Ludicrously Tall Culver City Parking Signs Cut Down to Normal

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Last Thursday evening, Culver City put up 10 parking sign poles around Linwood Howe Elementary School that stretched improbably skyward, rising about 15 feet (hard to photograph, a tipster told us). They swiftly took the title of Los Angeles's Most Ridiculous Parking Signs. Curbed reported the story early on Friday afternoon and a few hours later, the signs were down. (They were never any kind of hoax or art project, although that was not a bad guess.) Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells commented on the post: "Yes, this looks ridiculous, so I called the traffic engineer. The signs will be taken down this afternoon." Later in the day she posted the "after" photo above, showing the signs have been taken down to a more manageable eight or so feet. Apparently, the signs noting the "student valet service" were only supposed to be temporary to inform parents about a new pick-up/drop-off program, according to the LA Times.
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