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Insane New Culver Parking Restriction Signs Are 15 Feet Tall

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This is not a test at your optometrist's office—this is a real, honest-to-goodness sign that you might see if you are trying to park your car in Culver City. We've received a couple photos from tipsters incredulous at the sight of these insane-o parking sign poles, each of which is, by eyewitness accounts, about 15 feet tall. ("It took some effort to get it all in one shot.") One emailer explains that the city just changed some parking restrictions south of downtown and put up 10 of these signs last night around Linwood Howe Elementary, which helps explain "student valet service." We'd say to be on the lookout for more in Culver City, but there's no way anyone could miss these giants. Now to figure out what they mean ...

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