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First Fatburger Incorporated Into New Jefferson Park Housing

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Yes, you're seeing that right: that is a Fatburger worked into this Streamline Moderne-inspired development from affordable housing provider Mercy Housing California. But it's not just any Fatburger—it's the very first one, still sitting on the same spot in Jefferson Park where the popular hamburger chain got its start in 1952 (it was founded by a woman named Lovie Yancey). No longer operating as a purveyor of delicious burgers and fries, the stand was preserved to serve as "a beacon of black entrepreneurship in a neighborhood on the upswing," says a statement from the developers. (Unintended side effect: french fry cravings.) The Jefferson Park complex, which officially opens next Thursday, has 60 units *already occupied by low- and very-low-income families (as well as those living with HIV/AIDS) and provides on-site computer and community centers for residents, as well as a playground.

· Jefferson Park Terrace [Mercy Housing California]