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Work Begins to Put Huge Park on Top of the 101 in Hollywood

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Get excited Hollywood, because you are one step closer to having a huge park on top of the 101 Freeway. Friends of Hollywood Central Park, the group spearheading the plan, has finally gotten started on the first official step—environmental review process—according to a statement: "This brings us one big step closer toward achieving the long-held dream of building this much-needed park in the heart of Hollywood," says the executive director. The 38-acre park would run over about a mile of highway, from Santa Monica Boulevard to Bronson Avenue, and hopefully "create a street-level urban park that reunites communities separated by the Hollywood Freeway more than sixty years ago."

The notice about the environmental review says the park will be open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, with potential features including "pedestrian meadows, small retail facilities (such as bike shops, seasonal markets, and art galleries, restaurants, an amphitheater, a community center, playgrounds, dog parks, and interactive community areas." Development of the park is expected to go in phases, from north to south, starting above Sunset with "an amphitheater, parking, terraces, restaurants, a bed and breakfast inn, a grass area, and a dog park." Whoa.

The environmental process kicks off on September 6 with a public scoping session to collect ideas on what people want to see reviewed. Getting the park to this step in the planning process (still early) has taken years, but now that it's begun, the EIR process is expected to be finished by 2015, at which point a plan will be presented to the public for review. It's been a while since there was any news on the other freeway cap park on the 101, in Downtown ...

Hollywood Central Park Fly-Over from curbed los angeles on Vimeo.

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Hollywood Central Park

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