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Rent the Stunning Modern Sherwood House in Crestwood Hills

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Longtime readers and/or aficionados of Brentwood's much-coveted and much-covered architectural enclave, Crestwood Hills, may recognize this mid-century modern as the Sherwood Residence, by the team of Smith, Jones & Contini. Restored and owned by architect Cory Buckner, the landmarked residence on Stonehill Lane pops up for lease from time to time, and it would appear that now is one of those times. Per the rather terse Craigslist posting, the house features two bedrooms and two baths, "plus a separate artist's studio on lower floor with separate entrance. Fireplace, cork floors, large kitchen, patio, laundry." Monthly rent for the pedigreed property is $5,900 (up from $4,900 in 2011).

· $5900 / 2br - A. Quincy Jones Brentwood modernist view home [Craigslist]