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Date and Rough Route Announced For the First Valley CicLAvia

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We've known for a few months now that the San Fernando Valley is definitely getting a CicLAvia in spring 2015, but we've been waiting anxiously on the details. Dates, streets—these are the things we need to know! Today, County Supe Zev Yaroslavsky filled in some of the blanks, revealing that the event—which, duh, shuts down streets to cars and opens them to people—will go down on March 8, 2015 and likely take a V-shaped path along Ventura Boulevard, from Coldwater Canyon Avenue to Lankershim Boulevard, then head north until Chandler Boulevard/the North Hollywood Red Line station/the Orange Line. Update 8/22: Oops, seems like those are CicLAvia's plans, but they haven't been finalized or approved by the city yet. A statement from Councilmember Paul Krekorian says "My office has not agreed to any specific date or route."

"When we thought about doing the first one in the Valley, I really wanted to pick up on the infrastructure. We planned it around the Red and Orange lines," says CicLAvia cofounder Aaron Paley. That'll be good for Metro: ridership on CicLAvia days has gone up an average of 25 percent over the past three years of events, according to the project manager for Metro's open streets program. Paley also hopes the event will somehow involve the resurgent LA River.

Right now, CicLAvia organizers are still in the community-outreach phase, but say we can expect a formal announcement about the date and the official and final route as well as maps in early 2015. If you were rallying for another Valley route, don't freak out: CicLAvia had previously said they want to have a Valley event every spring, each time along a different path.
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