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Alert! Curbed LA is Seeking Two Amazing Bloggers!

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Attention! Curbed LA is on the hunt for two talented bloggers who know and love Los Angeles and want to write all about it—one to work weekdays and one to cover the weekend shift. All applicants must be great, quick writer/researchers and serious nerds about Los Angeles neighborhoods, real estate, architecture, transportation, design, parks, photography, history, and/or urban planning. Applicants should also be fun.

The weekday blogger will be responsible for three posts every weekday; the weekend blogger will be responsible for two to three posts a day on Saturdays and Sundays, plus some light social media activity.

These are both freelance gigs with commensurate pay; you must live in Los Angeles, but you'll be able to work from wherever you like. To apply, email with the subject line "Curbed LA weekday blogger" or "Curbed LA weekend blogger"; give us a paragraph about yourself and one telling us why you should have the gig. If you've got a blog, clips, or Twitter account, please include a link to those as well. No resumes please. If we like what we see, we'll be in touch quickly. Sorry, real estate professionals of all kinds, we cannot hire you. Thanks!