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This Glassy, Boxy House in Glassell Park Just Fetched $1 Million

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Is Glassell Park edging into Highland Park territory? It's certainly adding to its roster of million-dollar housing sales these days (it's only ever had a handful over the years). To be fair, this boxy, two-story house has been trying for a while: we saw it in 2008 asking a ballsy $1.229 million, then pricechopped twice more down to $999,000. This time around, it was listed for exactly $1 million and that was juuust right for someone. The three-bedroom, three-bathroom house—a self-proclaimed "Bauhaus Style"—includes eco-friendly features like bamboo floors and insulated windows, as well as multiple balconies and exposed metal beams. That sale price again was $1 million.

· 4217 Scandia Way [Official Site]
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