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Burnt Church to Anchor "Most Luxurious Hotel" in Palm Springs

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Santa Monica architect Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio heard trumpets and applause when they unveiled their adaptive reuse plans for the historic, Charles Tanner-designed Palm Springs Community Church recently, according to the Desert Sun. The Palm Springs Architectural Advisory lauded plans to open a fancy hotel—the Orchid Tree Resort & Spa—in the burned-out church, adjoining bungalows, and a ground-up five-story building. The church, devastated by a 2013 fire, will serve as the entrance to the 98-room hotel and will maintain some of its blackened exterior as a way to honor its history. The bungalows will be reactivated and the three-acre site will also get a new spa, restaurant, and banquet space. The developer says they intend to make the Orchid Tree "the most luxurious hotel in Palm Springs." The project now heads to the Palm Springs Planning Commission.

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