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Flood Rips Through UCLA, Are Rents Coming Back to Earth?

[Remembering LA's extensive streetcar map from 1906 and the downside of monopoly]

This Week's Top Stories: In the midst of an epic drought it was disconcerting to see a broken pipeline send our precious water through the UCLA campus leaving our Bruin friends, and a lot of their stuff, a soggy mess. Relish in that sinking feeling, because it's just the median price for LA rentals taking a minor dip in the second quarter of 2014. Readers responded well to a pretty decent 1905 craftsman home in the Harvard Heights HPOZ neighborhood which is now available for $715k. Reader reaction was a tad less enthusiastic for a hyper-modern Trousdale Estates home with an olive tree growing through it, offered at $28 million. People are finally thinking of our adorable children again -- Grand Park will have a fun kiddy playground thing where your kids can slide, climb and scream; and then the ill-fated children's museum in the Valley is being revived by the OC's Discovery Science Center, so your kids can learn about science. The High Speed Rail plan continues to evolve with tunneling now proposed through the San Gabriel Mountains to get the train from Palmdale to the Burbank Airport.

Children's Museum of Los Angeles

11800 Foothill Blvd., Lake View Terrace, CA