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First Look at Downtown's Ace-Adjacent 32-Story Condo Tower

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Prolific Downtown developer has several projects barrelling forward right now, including a 38-story Historic Core skyscraper we just got a look at yesterday; now here's our first gander at his 32-story story tower, set for the site of a parking lot behind the Ace Hotel. The concrete, glass, and stone structure (seen in these renderings from David Takacs Architecture) has had a growth spurt—it was only supposed to be 20 or 21 stories originally—and will have 239 condos and five ground-floor commercial spaces (totaling 5,405 square feet); the land-use rep for the project tells Curbed those spaces are intentionally on the small side in the hopes they'll attract some neighborhood-serving retail and not just restaurants (though they're hoping for those, too).

The project would exceed the required landscaping requirements—not just with new trees, but also with greenscape additions to pretty-up the alley behind the project. Even at 32 stories, this won't be the tallest condo tower in these parts: Onni Group's building at Eighth and Olive will be 50 stories tall.
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