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The Strange History of Justin Bieber's New $29k Rental Mansion

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Having been chased out of Calabasas and Beverly Hills by angry neighbors, Justin Bieber has finally gotten himself a proper party pad in the Hollywood Hills—and it's one of the most notorious ones there is. Trulia reports that Bieber has just started renting this extremely tacky Lake Hollywood house, which comes with its own nightclub, a movie theater, a gym, three bars, an elevator, a hideous Hollywood Sign rendered in blue glass tile, 10 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, and neon everywhere.

A house like that obviously has a backstory: it was built in 2011 by a developer who's never been able to sell it (he was asking $8.9 million), but has rented it out to American Idol (the 2012 cast lived there) and to Playboy TV's Swing, a show about swinging, for which a room was lined with mattresses. In late 2012, it became a fitness retreat offering a "full immersion weight loss, fitness and wellness program" that included late-night cardio dance parties in that nightclub. The house "has made life intolerable for many of our residents," a neighbor told LA Weekly last year. They're gonna love Bieber! Rent is $29,500.

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