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Mapping the First Possible Spots For LA's Bike Sharing Stations

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Los Angeles's citywide plan for a bike share program is pretty much dead, but Metro's regional bike share plan (think New York's CitiBikes) is taking a big first step: the agency is seeking input on where exactly to place bike-share hubs, says The Source. They're focusing on Santa Monica, Pasadena, Downtown, and Long Beach (for Phase I) to find the best spots for possible bike share stations, but who better to help them make the tough calls then the people who'd likely be using the service? And so Metro's created an interactive map that lets users give their input—either by "liking" pre-selected locations (shown as little purple boxes) or suggesting their own spots (the purple dots on the map).

All suggestions will be taken into account, though, ultimately, final locations will be chosen based on "availability of space, right-of-way, [Americans with Disabilities Act] access, demand, [and] support" among other, unnamed factors. Metro revealed a plan last month for 84 stations around Downtown with a bike hub (parking, rentals, repairs) at Union Station; it's not explicit whether or not that will be part of this first wave of bike sharing, though Union Station is listed on the map of potential locations.

Metro is hoping to have Phase I up and running in 2016. The city had previously tried for years to launch a bike share but ultimately got bogged down with issues surrounding ads on the bike kiosks.

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