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Alex Rodriguez Bought Meryl Streep's Modern House in the Hills

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Disgraced Yankee Alex Rodriguez has reportedly been working out at UCLA while he waits to return from his suspension for performance-enhancing drugs and now he's really settling in: he's the mysterious buyer who picked up Meryl Streep's mid-century house in the Hills last week, reports the LA Times (weirdly, he checked out a similar house just down the street nearly two years ago). A-Rod—widely rumored to have at least one painting of himself as a centaur—was last seen being banned from New York's fancy 15 Central Park West for bringing home too many prostitutes and selling off his condo in Miami. His new house is known as the 1954 Research House; it was designed by Honnold & Rex for Architectural Products's experimental Research House program. Streep and her sculptor husband Don Gummer picked it up in February 2013 for $4.5 million, listed it for $6.75 million in April, and sold it to A-Rod for $4.8 million just a few days ago.

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