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LA Going to Start Fining People For Fun Parties and Cute Dogs

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Los Angeles is getting super-serious about what surely must be a terrible citywide epidemic of loud parties and noisy dogs. The City Council's Public Safety and Personnel and Welfare and Animal Services Committees have recommended approval of a new pilot program, called Administrative Citation Enforcement, that would let police officers hand out tickets and hefty fines—$250 for the first offense, $500 the second time around, and $1,000 for third-timers—to people who commit "quality of life" crimes like throwing loud house parties or using gas-powered blowers outside of the approved times, says the LA Daily News. (Right now the police mostly just give people warnings, and sometimes they have to come back in neighbors complain again. They also have grenade launchers just in case.) If the program is approved by the budget committee, it's expected to create more than $2 million in revenue.
· Los Angeles City Council moves to ticket residential quality-of-life infractions [DN]