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State Geologist Says Hollywood Double-Tower Developers Wouldn't Let Him Look in Their Fault Hole

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More reassuring fault findings afoot: An executive official for the State Mining and Geology Board thinks there's probably not an active fault beneath several Hollywood building and development sites, including the Capitol Records Building and the nearby Millennium Hollywood double-tower project, reports the LA Times. Commenting at a public hearing in Sacramento, he said that there was "a lot of strong evidence" suggesting that a MillHoll geoengineering consultant is correct in their findings released earlier this week— there's no active fault running dangerously close to the projects around Hollywood and Argyle, and furthermore that building them would not be a terrible mistake. (He also visited the trenches while they were being checked out by the consultant.)

The consultant has not released its full report on the matter yet and the state geologist seems a little more skeptical since his staff didn't get a good look at the trenches they dug to study the fault: "'Contrary to a lot of things being said, we were not in the trenches. We were allowed into the first trench a couple of times,' Parrish said, adding that his scientists were not allowed to make sketches or take photographs and were not allowed to engage in give-and-take with the consultants."

The state geologist released a draft map of the Hollywood Fault in January that showed the fault running right through this active development zone; state law prohibits building too close to a fault. Public comment on that map closed yesterday and now the state geologist will review all these various findings and submit a final, official map within 90 days.
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