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Take One Last (Backwards) Ride on Closing Colossus Coaster

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Tomorrow is the end of the road for Colossus, the 36-year-old wooden rollercoaster that holds court at Valencia's Six Flags Magic Mountain, reports the LA Times. Enthusiasts have a special fondness for wooden coasters—with their rickety noises; shaking frame; and dirty, peeling exteriors—and especially for Colossus, which can reach 60 mph, drops nearly 125 feet, and was once the country's tallest and fastest wood rollercoaster. Six Flags officials won't say what's to come of the ride, leading to speculation that they plan to reinforce it with steel tracks and rebrand it with a new name. Or, it could get torn down and a new steel coaster, more expensive to build but cheaper to maintain, could go up in its place. Take one last (backwards) ride this way:

· Six Flags' Colossus wood roller coaster to close Saturday [LAT]