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Here's the Leading Plan for the New Glendale-Hyperion Bridge

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The committee put together to recommend the best possible design for the major retrofit of the 1927 Glendale-Hyperion Bridge, which connects Atwater to Silver Lake, wants a version with less space for cars and more for bike lanes and sidewalks. As Streetsblog explains it, they've voted to back Option 3, which has "three car lanes (one northbound, two southbound), two bike lanes, and sidewalks on both sides of the bridge." (It's a compromise, since some people had also hoped for a protected bike lane, with a buffer from cars, as well as a crosswalk at the base of the bridge.) Plans for a more seismically-sound bridge—actually a network of seven structures—originally left out bikers and walkers, but amidst community uproar, the advisory committee was created to help make the plans more multi-modal on a bridge that has seen vehicular traffic remain the same or drop slightly over the past few years.

The area's City Councilmembers and Mayor Garcetti will get the final say on the bridge configuration; work is supposed to start in 2016.
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