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Awesome Alamo Drafthouse Theater Coming to FiDi's The Bloc

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Oops, sorry Medallion: the awesome Alamo Drafthouse theater, known for its pro-beer, anti-cell-phone policies, will be opening up their new Downtown theater in the Financial District's The Bloc instead of at the Historic Core apartment complex, as previously planned. The Bloc retail/office/hotel complex, formerly known as the Macy's Fortress, is getting a massive open-air overhaul that'll make it more pedestrian-friendly and possibly include a Trader Joe's.

A release out today from the theater company says that the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown will have nine screens and seats for about 800 people. (They're also opening a craft beer bar next to the theater.) The Drafthouses, which show a mix of indie/arthouse films and mainstream flicks, are famous for seat-side food delivery and being dead-serious about their no-texting-or-taking-during-movies policy. According to the release, the theater will be going into the southwest corner of The Bloc and is scheduled to open in 2015.
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