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Proposed Mixed-User Highlights Growing Pains in Little Osaka

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A new mixed-user could take out a 1970s-era YMCA on happening Sawtelle Boulevard in Little Osaka, Building Los Angeles reports. The low-slung project would have 73 residential units, as well as retail that could help foster the strong walking scene that already exists south of La Grange Avenue. Members of the neighborhood council are meeting with the developer, which is still early in its planning process, to see if they approve of the project; another proposed mixed-user had its retail component taken away after neighbors cried foul over—what else—traffic.

The area is dealing with an influx of new business and traffic thanks to a successful mixed-user at Sawtelle and Missisissippi that's brought more than half a dozen very-busy restaurants to a neighborhood already brimming with eateries, karaoke joints, and Japanese curio shops.

The council recently weighed in on a new traffic light for Sawtelle and Mississippi, site of several near car v. pedestrian accidents. The light was rejected, though, as many residents thought it would add to the street's already notorious congestion.
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