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Buy Faye Dunaway's Modest Duplex and Fab Stuff For $1.75MM

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It's hard to believe that Chinatown star Faye Dunaway lives in such a reasonable house, but this duplex in West Hollywood, which she bought in 1998 for a mere $315,000, has been her main residence for the past 16 years. (Hence all the memorabilia and photographs, which can be included in the sale for an added price, although the awards are probably off limits.) Dunaway occupied the larger of the two units, while the smaller was unoccupied; in total, there are four bedrooms and three bathrooms in the building. The recently remodeled duplex sits on a large lot that's walled off from prying eyes by giant hedges; features original interior details including arched windows and crown moldings. Dunaway is selling it for $1.75 million.

· 901 N. Spaulding Ave. [The Agency]