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No Fault Found Under Capitol Records and Double-Tower Site

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A NIMBY claimed recently to have seen with his own eyes a fault line in a photo of the site around the massive Millennium Hollywood dual-tower project, but a geological engineering consultant hired by developers Millennium Partners has actually done some digging now and says there are no active faults, everything's cool, build away, which is mighty good news for the enormously tall mixed-use development. The developers' press release adds there's no fault under the neighboring Capitol Records building either, or on "any property adjacent to or surrounding the Argyle/Yucca intersection and corridor to the south." That's a relief! These findings also contradict a map of the Hollywood Fault put out by the state, which, though preliminary, did suggest that there was an active fault running directly under the development (state law prohibits building close to a fault).

Despite the proud proclamation in a release from MillHoll developers that "now [residents and area workers] have definitive proof that no active faults exist on this site" or at the three other sites at the intersection of Argyle and Yucca Street, the state is holding off on making any such declarations or changing its map. (The consultant also studied and exonerated the 6230 Yucca site, where developers have been trying to build a mixed-user with condos for more than seven years.) The geology firm has so far only released a summary of its findings, so the state will want to look at the full report (out later this month) before accepting this study as gospel, according to the LA Times.

The final, official fault map is expected to be ready sometime later this year. The LA Department of Building and Safety will ultimately decide if the MillHoll study was comprehensive enough, if the findings are indeed conclusive, and whether or not the 35- and 39-story towers planned for the site can be built. This is just one of many hurdles the Millennium project has faced; it's also been vehemently opposed by the locals.

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