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Adorable 418-Square-Foot Bungalow in Pasadena Asks $285k

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This might just be the tiniest house for sale in Pasadena right now, and while it's not in one of the hoity-toity sections (see the cop car not Photoshopped out of the background), it is in a decent neighborhood south of the 210 and just up the street from Pasadena City College. The standalone bungalow is one in a community of six tiny houses and has a back patio, no homeowners association fees, and washer and dryer out back. Built in 1922, the spotless house features one bedroom, one bathroom, and built-ins, all packed into 418 square feet. It's listed at $285,000.

· 170 N. Holliston #1 [Official Site]
· 170 N. Holliston [Zillow]