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Is Giant Downtown Slip-and-Slide a Slap in the Face of Drought?

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Not everyone is overcome with joy about the one-day plan to bring a three-block-long waterslide to Olive Street in Downtown. Over the weekend, one concerned Angeleno started an online petition to remind everyone that we're in the midst of a drought of historic proportions and that this joyful event is perhaps an insane use of precious water, reports KPCC. "It is extremely irresponsible for any city in California to allow such an event to take place for the sake of money and fun while the state as whole has been suffering from this drought," reads the petition. (It's unclear where the waterslide's water will come from exactly, but it's sure to need a lot.)

As of this morning, 1,811 people have signed the petition. It's not clear what will happen once the petition reaches its goal of 5,000 signatures, or whether or not the company putting on the event will bend to pressure to move along. (KPCC wasn't able to get a response out of organizer McFarlane Promotions, which puts on waterslide events around the country.)
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