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All the Insane Damage Done by the Great UCLA Flood

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It's been about two weeks since a water main ruptured on Sunset near UCLA, sending water shooting 30 feet into the air and blanketing the campus in millions of gallons of water. Since then, repairs have been made to the offending pipe and UCLA's dried out for the most part: Parking garages 4 and 7, though still closed, are now drained, and cars that were once stranded inside have been reclaimed, says the LA Daily News. But there's still a ton of work to be done before the end of September, when the next school quarter officially begins, because the damage was extremely pervasive.

Here's a list of some of the many, many repairs UCLA is working on now:

· "Soggy drywall, sodden carpets and wrecked landscaping" have all been removed from the affected areas of campus.
· Though the two previously flooded parking garages have been drained and are structurally ok, they will need entirely new fire doors, plus new electrical and ventilation systems. (They'll also need repairs in places "where the water pressure blasted steel stairwell doors off their hinges and blew the doors off elevators," says an official UCLA statement from last week.)
· Courts located on the first floor of the John Wooden Rec Center won't be fixed until the fall.
· Pauley Pavillion's floor has already been ripped up; the Athletics director is hoping to have it completely replaced by the time the basketball season begins on October 31. Locker rooms and meeting rooms are under repair right now.
· The locker rooms, the rock wall, and adjacent cardio equipment in the Arthur Ashe Student Health Center and Wellness Center are still not usable, though the Center itself is once again open. The building's basement and one elevator are still in bad shape.
· The JD Morgan Center and Acosta Athletic Training Complex—still closed—should have interior repairs finished in about one or two weeks.
· As for outdoor spaces, Marshall Field has been resodded and Drake Stadium's new running surface seems to have emerged unscathed from the deluge, but is under observation regardless.
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