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The LAPD Has Been Enlisted to Fight Hollywood Sign Tourists

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The LAPD has been fudging crime statistics and getting up to a lot of other typically shady business lately, so it apparently seemed like a good time to focus energy and resources on cracking down on access to one of Los Angeles's most popular tourist destinations, the Hollywood Sign: "Six LAPD officers and two from the Culver City Police Department [have] formed the impromptu Beachwood Drive task force," according to the LA Times, to give small-fry citations (too many seats!) to van drivers and others carrying people up Beachwood Canyon to see the sign. (Why is Culver City involved? Who knows!) The task force comes in response to complaints from the ferocious NIMBYs in the area, who have been fighting for years to keep outsiders out of the neighborhood. Those NIMBYs successfully lobbied for the beloved Hollyridge hiking trail to be shut down in March for six to eight weeks while a new gate was installed—19 weeks later, it's still closed (more on that tomorrow). Meanwhile, the Recreation and Parks Department has extended its weekend shuttle program, which carries people up to a faraway and oblique viewing spot in Griffith Park, but obviously that's not doing the trick.
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