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The Most and Least Expensive LA 'Hoods For Renting Right Now

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Yesterday we learned from rental site Lovely that rents in Los Angeles are inching down as fewer and fewer people are able to afford anything at all (they're still up nearly six percent over last year). Today: a break down of median rent by neighborhood. No surprise that single-family-heavy areas like Beverly Crest, Bel Air, and Beverly Glen have insanely high rents (medians in the $4,000 and $5,000 range!), but popular Westside rental 'hoods like Venice ($2,800), Marina del Rey ($2,600), and Brentwood ($2,600) are still pretty damn pricey. Surprisingly, beloved Echo Park/Silver Lake/Hollywood all hover around the median (which was $1,795 in the second quarter). And if you're looking for a deal: Mid-Wilshire, North Hollywood, Highland Park, and Leimert Park are all very desirable 'hoods with below-median rents. (Compare it all to last quarter right this way.)

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