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Mixed-User in the Works for Corner of Hollywood/Hillhurst

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Just a stone's throw away from the planned Hotel Los Feliz, there's another big change headed to the busy intersection at Hillhurst and Hollywood. Building LA tells us a giant, 216,867-square-foot mixed-use complex with 202 units and 14,725-square-feet of ground-level retail are proposed for the corner where an AutoZone currently sits.

The project as it's planned now will take up the entire block, from Hillhurst and Hollywood north up to Clayton and west to Lyman Place. The project is being developed by HollyHills Developers, which is part of Chandler Pratt & Partners. Principal and founder *of Chandler Pratt & Partners Dan Chandler tells Curbed that the project will likely be apartments, but beyond that, not not much was firm about project at these early stages. The location is just a short walk away from the Sunset/Vermont Red Line stop, as well as just east of another 200-unit project near Barnsdall Park that's been taking its sweet time about getting built.
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