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Ashley Greene's Burned-Out WeHo Condo Sells For $1.1MM

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If we hadn't seen the pictures of Twilight star Ashley Greene's rental condo looking like the skin of a scorched marshmallow, we'd never have guessed that last spring, this residence in West Hollywood's Granville Towers was a burned-out wreck. It looks so blandly refreshed, post-renovation, that it sold in only about a month for its asking price, just shy of $1.1 million, according to TMZ. The two-bedroom, three-bathroom unit in the "historic celebrity enclave" that is the Granville Towers gets Mills Act tax breaks and comes with a doorman and 24-hour security. Inside the condo, everything from the kitchen to the windows is completely new because the old stuff, well, burned in a fire. (The HOA covered the $300,000-worth of repairs.) Greene's landlords sold the 1,800-square-foot residence for $1.099 million.

· 1424 North Crescent Hts #31, West Hollywood, CA 90046 [Redfin]
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