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Big Blue Bus Fixing the Fancy New Stops That Riders Hated

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The backlash against Santa Monica's new Lorcan O'Herlihy-designed stops for the Big Blue Bus system apparently got so loud that the city announced today they're making changes to the contentious design. Many complaints revolved around the sparse seating, stools with no armrests that made it hard for the elderly to stay vertical, bad sight lines for riders and bus drivers, and the lack of shade provided by the umbrella-like canopies. The design modifications will address those concerns; specifically, officials are considering making the seats wider and adding higher backs. The 302 bus stops in SaMo and Los Angeles have been getting three different designs, one each for low-, medium-, and high-volume stops. Much of the ire was directed at the low-volume stops, so officials will convert many into medium-volume ones, with more seating and canopies. High-volume stops will be installed over the next few weeks, with many featuring real-time bus arrival and solar LED lighting.

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